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Opinion Trump said the world was laughing at us. We didn’t realize he thinks that’s a good thing.

(Tom Toles) (Tom Toles)
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This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a snicker. The official position of the United States at the current world climate conference is that “environmental sustainability” is not considered a necessity. Mocking laughter greeted that assertion.

The obvious result when you abandon environmental sustainability is environmental degradation or outright destruction, which is the course the United States is now officially pursuing and advocating. This, of course, is not what the American people support, not what they voted for, and is just one further massive distortion of reality, sanity and good policy that the Trump scourge is inflicting on us and the planet.

And this is not just another policy squabble, because not only are the known dangers extreme, but also they might be permanent. In orders of magnitude, you don’t get destruction worse than permanent. And yet President Trump — PRESIDENT TRUMP of all people — is the person determining and executing our policy on this. And executing is the right word. Could we find a worse, more badly informed human on this issue? Okay, maybe. The entire Republican Party seems to be one large infestation of them.

And so, as the GOP fights its imagined War on Christmas by loading coal into every child’s stocking, we preserve our temporary convenience of fossil fuels by sacrificing the planet we live on and thereby slowly, or not so slowly, commit ecological and civilizational suicide.

Funny! If it weren’t true.

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