Looking back at a tweet-filled year of Trump conflicts of interests, diversions and more servings of Russian nothingburgers with all the fixers.

Tweety Twitter bird Trump

Draining the Trump presidency

The DeVos problem

A spotlight on the Trump cookie jar

The dirty duo

A presidential Memorial Day message

The evil of separating children from their parents

The hypocrisy of Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Trump’s evangelical supporters will overlook anything for that Supreme Court seat

The Trump balloon is fully inflated

What’s weighing so heavy on Trump’s mind?

Rudy Giuliani is sinking fast

Trump’s Twitter tirade

The Republicans are building a wall to protect the president

Trump’s right. Thugs are in Washington.

When men testify vs. when women testify

Money Trumps all

The tree of hate and fear

Your democracy has fallen on hard times

Trump shares his thoughts on the California fires

The NRA thinks doctors should shut up and clean up the gun industry’s mess

Trump keeps his base happy

Trump’s big whopper of a Russian nothingburger

The next Oval Office note from the president

Trump is trying to change the news of the day

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