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In Texas, another exoneration of someone convicted because of bite-mark evidence.

Reason found 81 examples of police in Texas using a loophole in the state’s open records laws to hide files related to police shootings and deaths in custody.

— It’s hard to find words to describe this kind of depravity: Immigration and Customs Enforcement put out notice about detained migrant children who were in need of sponsors. When people came forward, ICE agents did background checks and arrested the volunteers who weren’t documented. ICE officials are basically weaponizing empathy.

Awful story about a grandmother arrested on a trespassing charge who spent her last 150 days in jail because she couldn’t afford the $300 bail (or even the $30 bond it would have taken to free her).

— Staten Island prosecutors say they won’t prosecute the New York Police Department cops who appear to have been caught planting drugs on a motorist.

Earlier this week, I wrote about how St. Louis County prosecutors were threatening to join the police union, a move that most have interpreted as a collective nose-thumbing at newly elected, reform-minded prosecutor Wesley Bell. Shortly after my post went up, the prosecutors voted in favor of joining the union.

— A Brennan Center for Justice projection estimates that the 2018 murder rate in the 30 largest cities in the United States will be 7.6 percent lower than in 2017.