Internal Revenue Service employee Dawn Malan holds signs at a rally against the ongoing U.S. federal government shutdown, in Ogden, Utah, on Thursday. (George Frey/Reuters)
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Enough with the Instagram, Beto. “The former Texas congressman and potential 2020 presidential candidate started a series of posts with his dental hygienist, Diana, pulling teeth-cleaning tools out of his mouth.” Yuck.

President Trump apparently has had enough of democracy. “He doesn’t need Congress, they say. The law gives him the authority to declare an emergency and build his wall anyway. But if that’s true, why is the government shut down? Why are we going through this ridiculous charade? … The answer is simple. If you look at the plain language and clear intent of the relevant statutes, they do not permit Trump to defy Congress and build his wall. He knows it. Congress knows it. His own lawyers know it.”

At least we’ve heard enough “no collusion" for a while. “President Trump on Thursday denied knowing that his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort shared polling data with a Russian associate linked to Kremlin intelligence during the 2016 presidential campaign.” Now it’s about what Trump knew and when he knew it.

Trump has invoked the caravan enough times that you might think it had something to do with the wall. Wrong. “The point of walls is to prevent people from crossing into the US undetected. That’s not what most of the families and children who are crossing are doing. They’re turning themselves in to the nearest border agent they see on the US side.”

Enough of Trump’s lies are so ludicrous that you wonder if Fox News viewers even believe him anymore. “When he launched his campaign, Donald Trump argued that he would force Mexico to pay for a border wall. Now he says he ‘obviously’ didn’t mean it.” The campaign was apparently a con, like Trump U.

You wonder, if $8 billion isn’t enough, whether it’s time to throw in the towel. “Eleven years after the United States began building an air force for Afghanistan at a cost now nearing $8 billion, it remains a frustrating work in progress, with no end in sight. Some aviation experts say the Afghans will rely on American maintenance and other support for years.”

You can never make enough trips to early-primary states. “Gov. Jay Inslee plans a political trip to Nevada on Saturday as he continues to explore a possible 2020 run for president. … In addition to the Nevada visit, he plans a trip to New Hampshire later this month.”

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