By all accounts, Jeanine Pirro veered little from her Fox News script when she addressed a party full of Trump supporters at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday. “Really? A Russian agent?” Pirro asked in jest, prompting laughter from the assembled partygoers, according to an account by BuzzFeed’s Tarini Parti.

On her weekend program, Pirro says a lot of similarly boosterish things about President Trump, whether she’s echoing his talking points about the Robert S. Mueller III investigation, his talking points about his detractors or his talking points about his unfathomable presidential feats. To get the flavor of Pirro-style propaganda, sample her January phone interview of Trump:

Key Pirro-to-Trump moment: “I mean, you’ve got such fight in you, it is unbelievable."

In light of such comments, it’s no wonder that Pirro has been a star at events of the Trumpettes USA, a group with a mission of “making people, particularly women, aware of what a great President and savior of our country, Donald J. Trump will be.” In January 2018, Pirro served as keynote speaker for the first-ever Trumpette party at Mar-a-Lago, telling the assembled Trump fans: “This man is a genius. He’s not unstable. He’s a damn genius.”

She was back again on Saturday night, for the Trumpettes’ second to-do at Mar-a-Lago. “We were filled to capacity,” said Toni Holt Kramer, who founded the Trumpettes along with three friends in September 2015. There were more than 700 people in attendance at the Feb. 23 soiree, she said, and the group upped its base ticket price from $300 to $550, though there were VIP tickets available at $1,000. “We sold more VIPs than the $550s,” Kramer told the Erik Wemple Blog. The theme: “Country Comes to Mar-a-Lago,"

There were other headliners aside from Pirro: Actor Jon Voight, ubiquitous MyPillow entrepreneur Mike Lindell and Grammy winner Lee Greenwood were all-in for the festivities. “We have people inundating us asking how to get tickets for next year,” said Kramer, who said that her party is becoming not only a big deal for Mar-a-Lago, but also for Palm Beach, Fla. “I think we do a lot for hotels and restaurants and shopping and everything else.”

Mar-a-Lago has to be appreciative. As The Post’s David A. Fahrenthold wrote in January 2018, the Trumpettes’s first event at the club came just after many charities had pulled out of Mar-a-Lago in the aftermath of Trump’s horrific remarks about the August 2017 protests in Charlottesville. “I have people flying in from just about every state of the union,” said Kramer, adding that her work has spread internationally as well. “I’m on the morning show in Australia every few months. Australia’s like a second home to us,” she said.

President Trump on April 17 said that “many of the world’s great leaders request to come to Mar-a-Lago,” his private estate in Florida. (The Washington Post)

Fan clubs, political participation, tunes and food — the Erik Wemple Blog supports it all.

Except the part where a Fox News host helps to drop money into the pocket of the president of the United States. As Kramer noted, Trumpettes USA is not a 501(c)(3) or anything like it. As Fahrenthold wrote of the 2018 event, “Kramer was clear that the money would all go to the president’s club.”

The galas demonstrate that Trump supporters, at the direction of some creative and motivated organizers, will travel and pay premium ticket prices to celebrate the president, who delivered a video statement to the fete. And they also demonstrate that Fox News has little compunction about its transactional relationship with Trump, which goes back years. Starting in 2011, the network pulled in Trump for Monday morning exclusives on “Fox & Friends,” which padded the ratings and helped the longtime real estate mogul test his political ideas with little resistance from the hosts. Though there were bumpy moments in the presidential primaries — Trump bashed the network and then-host Megyn Kelly, for instance — the candidate bonded with hosts/buddies Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly (who was forced out in April 2017) and others. At one point, Hannity recorded a video promotion for Trump and, at another, he flew a vice presidential prospect to meet with Trump. It was later revealed that Hannity used the services of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who last year pleaded guilty to various federal offenses.

All of which is to say that the race to the bottom at Fox News has hit the homestretch. So long as Hannity has set the standard for ethical corruption with direct support to Trump World, how can the network even consider stopping someone like Pirro from speaking at an event from which the president profits?

Fox News didn’t respond to inquiries about these matters.

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