Attorney General William P. Barr leaves his house in McClean, Va., on March 24. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)
Opinion writer

Who said it?

1. “Once you say that a president cannot be indictable, no matter what the evidence as a matter of law, to then follow the principle that you cannot then comment on the evidence or publicize it is to convert that into a coverup.”

2. “There’s a difference between compelling evidence of collusion and whether the special counsel concludes that he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the criminal charge of conspiracy.”

3. “I don’t know what’s wrong with this guy. How do you punch down to someone who was a POW and is dead?”

4. “Donald Trump is not out of legal jeopardy, and the Southern District of New York did not have the narrow mission that the special counsel had. … If there’s things that they think are worth pursuing and charging, they will do so.”

5. “Executive privilege cannot be used to hide wrongdoing.”

Answers are: 1. Here, 2. here, 3. here, 4. here and 5. here.