In the end, the voters will decide. “The hypothetical head-to-heads among registered voters show support for [President] Trump stays between 40-42 percent against each Democrat tested. He tops both [Sen. Kamala] Harris (39-41 percent) and [Sen. Elizabeth] Warren by 2 points (40-42 percent). [Sen. Bernie] Sanders has a 3-point edge over the president (44-41 percent), but [VP Joe] Biden performs best, topping Trump by 7 points (47-40 percent).”

The end of Trump investigations is not in sight. “The still-live investigations range from an expansive probe into the Trump inaugural committee, to various investigations relating to former top Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, to tips that stemmed from Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen’s experience with Trump and his family’s company. It’s possible other investigations are being conducted quietly, as well.”

End the Brexit madness! “U.K. Chancellor Philip Hammond said Sunday that a second Brexit referendum ‘deserves to be considered,’ a day after more than one million people marched through London calling for another vote. ‘I’m not sure there’s a majority in parliament in support for a second referendum, but it’s a perfectly coherent proposition,’ he said on Sky News’ Ridge on Sunday show." It might be the only coherent proposition.

Republicans’ politicization of Israel must end or the Jewish state will be gravely injured. “Mr. Trump and his fellow Republicans have spent weeks lobbing accusations of anti-Semitism at Democrats, although the party remains the home of the vast majority of American Jews. And Democrats are under mounting pressure from their left flank to distance themselves from Aipac, which aligns itself closely with [Benjamin] Netanyahu’s far-right policies.”

Robert S. Mueller’s work may end, but Congress’s has just begun. “Perhaps the biggest revelation from the report is that Mueller takes no firm position as to whether Trump committed a crime, instead opting to lay out the evidence and let others make that determination.”

An excellent reason to end college athletics as we know it. “Athletes are a special case and are given vastly more preference than other recognized categories. Varsity coaches exert tremendous influence by giving the admissions office a list of recruited athletes — a list that is usually respected.” These are not academic meritocracies.

If you want to end government by know-nothings, Pete Buttigieg might be your candidate. “While Trump obtained deferments to avoid Vietnam, Buttigieg signed up for military service when his generation went to war in Afghanistan. He comes from a small Midwestern city rather than the Big Apple. And perhaps most important to primary voters and some Republicans, his politics are informed by a deep grasp of history, philosophy and ethics that are at odds with Trump’s rejection of expertise.”

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