Julian Assange arrives at court in London last week. (Victoria Jones/PA via AP)
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UP: Defying immoral or illegal orders

DOWN: Promising a pardon to an underling who violates the law

UP: Grounds for impeachment

DOWN: Likelihood Republicans will abandon President Trump before the election

UP: Number of vacancies Trump has created in the executive branch

DOWN: Competency

UP: Number of Democratic presidential candidates

DOWN: Wisdom of embracing supercharged Medicare-for-all

UP: Vice President Joe Biden’s approval ratings

DOWN: Clarity as to who’s the favorite in the presidential race

UP: Criticism of Attorney General William P. Barr

DOWN: The reputation of virtually all advisers to Trump

UP: Rejecting Herman Cain for the Federal Reserve

DOWN: Treating Stephen Moore any more seriously for the Federal Reserve

UP: Brexit chaos

DOWN: Functional government in Britain

UP: The gender gap in the Trump era

DOWN: Prospects of a party that alienates young people, nonwhites and women

UP: Arresting Julian Assange for conspiring to hack into classified materials

DOWN: Argument that Assange’s prosecution hurts real journalists