Reason-in-chief right here! (Evan Vucci/AP)

— “Impeach” is a pretty strong word, even when not followed by that other word Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) used, which was much, much too strong and very unpresidential.

— Besides, if you say the word “impeach” three times, Newt Gingrich will appear in your house and you will have to include him in your evening plans.

— Now, when there is a cobra rampaging through the Oval Office, would be the worst time to unleash a mongoose there, too. Think how disruptive it was all those times when a mongoose got loose in the Oval Office with no cobra to catch. Imagine how much more disruptive a cobra and mongoose fighting would be!

— We still don’t really know how voters feel about cobras anyway.

— Now is the time for caution. The previous few months were also the time for caution. And the next few months, definitely also a great time for caution.

— There is an election in the future.

— (Technically, there is no time when there isn’t an election in the future, and I think we should remember that more.)

— Look, impeachment is for if the American people put someone in office who turns out to be unfit for the job. But in this case, some number of American people enthusiastically elected someone who was already obviously unfit for the job, so impeachment — even if the president had done a crime — feels almost disrespectful to their wishes.

— If I took one thing from that Niemoller quote, it is that you need to wait for them to come for at least two groups before you say anything.

— Remember what impeachment is: a sacred process designed by the founders to be a tool for Republicans to whip up emotion in their base during off-years. Also, to give people a constitutional tool for expressing that they disapproved of Andrew Johnson without actually getting rid of him.

— Look, there is simply no need to talk about such extreme measures. The Founding Fathers set up our government very carefully to include checks and balances on anyone who tried to exert too much power. The only reason Congress is so unbothered is because they know these checks are going to kick in any minute now! We should look to their example and all just relax.

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