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* Tom Hamburger reports on the latest in the fight between the White House and the House of Representatives:

The House Oversight Committee moved Tuesday to hold a former White House personnel security director in contempt of Congress for failing to appear at a hearing investigating alleged lapses in White House security clearance procedures.

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said he would consult with the House counsel and members of the panel about scheduling a vote on contempt for former White House personnel security director Carl Kline. At the instruction of the White House, Kline failed to show up for scheduled testimony on security clearances.

The move marks a dramatic escalation of tensions between Congress and the Trump White House, which is increasingly resisting requests for information from Capitol Hill.

The thing about subpoenas is that you don’t just get to decide you don’t want to obey them.

* Martin Matishak reports that at least one party is willing to say it won't accept help from a hostile foreign power in 2020:

The head of the DNC pledged the committee wouldn't use hacked emails or stolen data for political gain ahead of the 2020 presidential election and pressed his RNC counterpart to make the same commitment.

"As the Mueller report just confirmed, a foreign adversary hacked and disseminated stolen information with the intention of disrupting our free and fair elections," Chairman Tom Perez wrote on Monday in an open letter to his Republican counterpart, Ronna McDaniel.

He urged McDaniel not to engage in the "weaponization of stolen private data in our electoral process."

The appeal came a day after President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani said it was OK for campaigns to accept information from Russia.

Then later a White House spokesperson was asked whether Trump would accept help from Russia in 2020, and he replied, “I don’t understand the question.”

* Aaron Rupar documents how incredibly effective Fox News has been in telling their viewers what to believe about the Mueller report.

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