Activist Tamara Stevens, left, with the Handmaids Coalition of Georgia at the Georgia State Capitol to speak out against the recently passed "heartbeat" bill in Atlanta. (John Amis//AFP/Getty Images)
Opinion writer

Alabama legislators sure got pro-choice forces fired up. “If this sounds like a dangerous and dystopian future for women, it’s because it is. What was considered too extreme for state politicians just a few years ago is now becoming law in some states and the stakes could not be higher.”

And then wait until the state legislators who passed this get fired in 2020. “The worst thing that could happen to Donald Trump would be for Roe v. Wade to be overturned. Public opinion over abortion rests in equipoise with equal percentages for and against, although with those against more energized. But this week’s poll from pro-Trump Fox News shows that with abortion threatened like never before, 57 percent say of Roe, ‘let it stand.’”

If he weren’t the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner would be fired for coming up with such a dud. “The [immigration] plan does not address what to do about the millions of immigrants already living in the country illegally, including hundreds of thousands of young ‘Dreamers’ brought to the U.S. as children — a top priority for Democrats. Nor does it reduce overall rates of immigration, as many conservative Republicans would like to see.” It’s almost like Kushner is in over his head.

With these kind of results most chief executives’s would get fired. “President Trump’s income from several of his most high-profile properties fell last year, including a nearly $2.5 million drop at his Florida resort, the Mar-a-Lago Club, and a $1 million decline at one of his Florida golf resorts, his new financial disclosure reveals. Mr. Trump’s income from Mar-a-Lago fell 10% to $22.6 million in 2018 from $25.1 million the previous year.” Imagine how bad it’d be if he didn’t use his office to generate business.

Before a shot is fired, Trump must come to Congress. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned the Trump administration against taking military action in Iran without authorization from Congress, as the U.S. weighs how to respond to rising tensions in the Middle East. ‘The responsibility in the Constitution is for Congress to declare war,’ Pelosi said Thursday."

He should have been fired before he rang up a bill this large. “Scott Pruitt, his aides and security agents wasted nearly $124,000 in federal funds on premium travel when he was Environmental Protection Agency administrator, according to an inspector general report released Thursday. The 84-page report says the $123,942 figure is out of a total of $985,037 spent on 40 trips between March 1 and December 31, 2017.”

Bill de Blasio hasn’t really fired on all cylinders as New York City mayor either.“The two-term mayor likes to point to his decisive margins of victory in the biggest U.S. city, but the perception that he is a bungler in chief was only reinforced by his rollout, which continues Friday and Saturday with travel to Iowa and South Carolina, two key early voting states.”