Prime Minister Theresa May remembers when Britain and the United States were joined at the hip. "I’m delighted that the 16 countries present at today’s D-Day commemorations in Portsmouth have agreed a historic proclamation which affirms our shared responsibility to ensure that the horror of the Second World War is never repeated. Through this statement, leaders have recommitted to the values of democracy, tolerance and the rule of law that have underpinned the stability and prosperity of our nations and our citizens for the past 75 years.” President Trump likely didn’t read it before signing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) remembers that victory was not a foregone conclusion. “These courageous American and Allied troops fought for freedom and democracy, and to liberate the world from tyranny and oppression, earning the everlasting respect and gratitude of peace-loving people everywhere. It is an honor to lead this Congressional Delegation to this hallowed ground to honor the members of the Greatest Generation, as we rededicate ourselves to advancing a future worthy of their service and sacrifice.”

Remember, he corrupts everything and anyone he comes in contact with. “Some analysts were struck this week by just how obsequious some of the leadership contenders’ appeals to Mr. Trump had become. Enthusiasm for the president, once confined to the party’s rightmost wing, seemed to travel to the mainstream as lawmakers vied for the votes of some 160,000 party members who tend to be stridently anti-Europe.”

His sycophants never remember all the times he’s caved. “Trump teases tariff deal as Democrats accuse him of bluffing.”

Democrats in deciding if and when to drop out should remember the Senate. “Texas Democrats and Democratic leaners say 60 - 27 percent that O’Rourke should challenge Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. John Cornyn in the 2020 U.S. Senate race, rather than continue his campaign for president. Support for an O’Rourke Senate race is strong among very liberal, somewhat liberal and moderate/conservative Democrats.”

They remember who helped them win the majority. “When it counts, in other words, her members will fall in line. This is the attitude that Pelosi has brought to the impeachment debate currently roiling her party. It also appears to be the exact dynamic playing out among a subset of rank-and-file Democrats. Some of the lawmakers who have recently called for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump say that, despite their own personal feelings, they still support leadership’s slow-and-steady strategy of pursuing congressional investigations first.”

As we remember D-Day, consider: “Congressman and former U.S. Army serviceman Max Rose (D-NY) called Donald Trump a ‘draft dodger’ on Wednesday as he dissected the president’s excuses for why he didn’t serve in the Vietnam War.”