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* Colby Itkowitz reports that Democrats got some very good news in their attempt to hold the Senate in 2020:

Roy Moore, the Alabama judge whose Senate bid fell short over allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls in the 1970s, announced Thursday he will run again for the seat, ignoring President Trump and top Republicans who argue he can’t win.

“I will run for the U.S. Senate in 2020,” Moore said at an event in Montgomery, Ala., “Can I win? Yes, I can win.”

Moore lost a U.S. Senate seat in the solidly Republican state to Democrat Doug Jones in a 2017 special election to fill the vacancy created when Trump tapped Jeff Sessions to be attorney general.

This is going to increase the pressure for Sessions to run for his old seat.

* Danny Hakim reports that the meltdown at what was once one of the most powerful lobbies in American is getting worse:

The palace intrigue at the National Rifle Association deepened on Thursday as the gun group suspended its second-in-command and top lobbyist, accusing him of complicity in the recent failed coup against its chief executive, Wayne LaPierre.

The accusation came in a lawsuit filed Wednesday night in New York State Supreme Court against Oliver North, the N.R.A.’s former president, who led the attempt to oust Mr. LaPierre shortly before the group’s annual convention in April. The complaint provides fresh detail about the effort against Mr. LaPierre, but it is the involvement of the organization’s No. 2 official, Christopher, W. Cox, that will reverberate.

In the suit, the N.R.A. said that text messages and emails demonstrated that “another errant N.R.A. fiduciary, Chris Cox — once thought by some to be a likely successor for Mr. LaPierre — participated” in what was described as a conspiracy.

I wonder, are these people armed when they’re just walking around the office? Because that could be a problem.

* Astead Herndon reports from Minnesota about how opposition to refugees there is taking on an increasingly anti-Muslim and racist tinge.

* Ron Brownstein says Trump is alienating voters who think the economy is doing well -- voters he’ll desperately need to get reelected.

* Jared Bernstein explains to Democrats how they should beat Trump on trade, both substantively and politically

* Sahil Kapur reports that Democrats have finally put aside any worries about the deficit to focus on bolstering the safety net.

* Elena Schneider talks to sen. Michael Bennett about his plan for sweeping political reform.

* Ian Millhiser explains why a single sentence Samuel Alito wrote in a new Supreme Court decision shows that the court is preparing a terrifying assault on the federal government’s ability to administer laws.

* Anna North examines research showing that large numbers of poor women end up carrying unwanted pregnancies to term because Medicaid doesn’t cover abortion.

* Ed Kilgore says if Elizabeth Warren is appealing to establishment Democrats it’s because Trump has pushed those Democrats to change their views about what’s necessary.

* Chloe Angyal finds out why Cory Booker is so interested in doulas.

* Gillian Brockell has the story of America’s first gay First Lady, Rose Cleveland.

* And finally, Isaac Stanley-Becker reports that young people are growing horns out of the backs of their heads because they look at their phones too much, which seems totally fine.