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* Abigail Hauslohner reports that the Trump administration’s policy toward migrant children is a chaotic mess with terrible consequences:

U.S. immigration and health authorities, facing what they say is a financial and logistical crush, have scrambled to move hundreds of migrant children out of an overcrowded Border Patrol station after lawyers who visited the facility last week described scenes of sick and dirty children without their parents, and inconsolable toddlers in the care of other children.

The alleged conditions at the station in Clint, Tex., raised the specter that hundreds of children — some still in infancy — who had arrived unaccompanied or had been separated from their relatives after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border are being exposed to additional undue trauma as they languish for days or weeks in ill-equipped Border Patrol stations, lawyers said.

A Customs and Border Protection official disputed the allegations Tuesday, arguing that the child detainees in its custody receive “continuous” access to hygiene products and adequate food while awaiting placement in U.S. shelters designed for children. The official said that the agency was working closely with the Department of Health and Human Services to move the unaccompanied children to appropriate shelters and that it had cut the number held in Border Patrol facilities from 2,600 to less than 1,000 in the past week.

The official told reporters that after moving children out of the Clint facility over the weekend and into Monday, the agency had to return 100 children to the station Tuesday because of a lack of bed space in U.S. shelters and insufficient funding to expand facilities for children.

I’m sure we can trust the Trump administration to take adequate care of these kids.

* Matt Zapotosky and Hailey Fuchs have the latest lurid developments in the Duncan Hunter case:

Federal prosecutors alleged in a new court filing this week that Rep. Duncan D. Hunter used campaign funds to help facilitate extramarital affairs, and they want to show jurors evidence of the relationships at his upcoming trial.

The filing Monday alleges Hunter (R-Calif.) used campaign money to fund trips, dinners and drinks with women with whom he was romantically involved — three lobbyists, a woman who worked in his congressional office and another who worked for a member of House leadership.

In the new filing, prosecutors allege Hunter’s romantic entanglements blossomed as he used campaign money for large expenses — such as a ski trip near Lake Tahoe — and small ones, such as Uber rides to and from the women’s homes.

It’s an important lesson for the kids: If you’re going te be a serial adulterer, don’t use campaign funds to support your adultery.

* Nick Miroff and Josh Dawsey report that the acting director of Customs and Border Protection is stepping down and being replaced by the acting director of ICE, who will now become the acting director of CBP, because this administration is a smoothly running machine.

* Roque Planas examines Elizabeth Warren’s new plan to decriminalize crossing the border without permission, making those cases the sole jurisdiction of immigration courts.

* Speaking of Warren’s plans, she’s got another one out today to make elections open and secure.

* Eric Boehlert details how the press has soft-pedaled the dangerous GOP insurrection in Oregon.

* Rick Hasen explains in clear and harrowing terms why the Census case before the Supreme Court is shaping up as the worst travesty since Bush v. Gore.

* Kevin Robillard reports that Democrats are preparing to make heavy use of Mitch McConnell in 2020, since he’s even more unpopular than the president.

* Robert Kuttner explains why neoliberals fails economically but keep succeeding politically.

* Michael J. Stern says that Trump’s Justice Department is attempting to turn “religious freedom” into a license for certain people to discriminate.

* Michelle Goldberg watched Joe Biden campaigning and came away troubled.

* And Ellen Knickmeyer reports that Kelly Craft, who is Trump’s pick to be U.N. ambassador because her coal magnate husband is a major GOP donor, has been letting said husband use her position to influence the EPA in support of coal interests.