Ready for a display that brings back memories of Soviet-era parades? “President Trump has asked the Pentagon to marshal a broadening array of military hardware, including tanks and fighter jets, to showcase his planned Fourth of July address to the nation — dramatically escalating the gathering’s cost and sparking concerns about the potentially damaging impact on the Mall and other infrastructure.“ This is the stuff of tin-pot dictators’ self-tributes.

Americans are not ready for a monarchy, at least not yet. “'Ivanka Trump is not on the National Security Council — she is not an adviser on the issues being discussed,' Michael A. McFaul, an ambassador to Russia under President Barack Obama, said of Ms. Trump’s presence. ‘So her presence undermines the professional look of the Trump delegation, both to other countries and to national security professionals in the Trump administration.’” That would assume a level of professionalism without her.

The press isn’t ready when Trump betrays his deep ignorance (e.g., not understanding what “busing” means and thinking Western liberalism is California politics. “As a group, the media seem to have no idea what to do with Trump’s comments when he speaks in this mode. Statements like those made in Osaka are immediately legible as phony to anyone paying close attention. Yet they can still carry great weight because they come from the president, just as they could very easily be forgotten immediately. Voters deserve to understand when the president is saying silly things. Trump has fueled a cottage industry of fact-checkers who point out his demonstrable lies, but reporters haven’t figured out how to respond.”

He might not be ready now, but watch out. “If [Pete] Buttigieg can avoid reverting to a technocratic McKinseyite, he has a chance to become one of the most influential progressive politicians of his generation. And at only 37 years old, he’s likely to be around for a while. Odds are he won’t end up being president in 2021, but conservatives and centrists would be foolish not to take him seriously now.”

Congress should be ready to defund adult children’s travel. “Ivanka’s speech was mostly forgotten even as it was delivered, and the moment from this summit most people will remember is the crudely recorded video released by the French government showing her talking to British Prime Minister Theresa May, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde. Lagarde rolls her eyes and turns away as Ivanka interrupts the conversation to note the male domination of the defense industry. . . . But if this is an embarrassing moment for Ivanka, it’s a mortifying one for the people who are paying for her trip there, the American people.”

Get ready for the Bernie Sanders bubble to burst. “[The] Sanders camp, which led Dem presidential field in fundraising last quarter, signals they’ve likely not been able to best Buttigieg this quarter.”

Umm, Democratic male candidates may not be ready to take on this: “Senator Kamala Harris Wore a Bedazzled Rainbow Jacket to Pride and It Was a Moment.”