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* Rachael Bade, Ellen Nakashima, and Karoun Demirjian report that we may not get to hear from Robert Mueller next week after all:

Former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is offering to postpone his congressional testimony by one week to give lawmakers more time to question him about his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible obstruction of justice by President Trump.

Mueller is scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees on Wednesday in a much-anticipated public appearance since he gave a short statement following the conclusion of his nearly two-year investigation. Mueller is perhaps the one person lawmakers and the nation have been wanting to hear from the most.

Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours about Benghazi, so…

* Marcia Brown and David Dayen report that the Trump administration is trying to outsource asylum seekers to Guatemala:

The Trump administration is on the verge of signing a “safe third country” agreement with Guatemala, sources have confirmed to the Prospect. Asylum seekers attempting to enter the United States would be forced to file in Guatemala instead, on the grounds that it would be the first “safe” country they arrived in. Because most asylum seekers are coming from the south, this would allow the U.S. to send thousands of asylum seekers at the southern border back to Guatemala, and render them ineligible to apply for refugee status in the U.S.

Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales is scheduled to be in Washington on Monday, and an announcement of the agreement could be made then. Spokespeople for Morales have denied that the agreement is the purpose of the visit, but said that there is hope that there can be a signing ceremony.

The problem here is that the Trump administration fundamentally doesn’t think anyone should be given asylum in the United States.

* Nikole Hannah-Jones cuts through misconceptions about what busing did and didn’t accomplish, and the reality of school segregation that persists today.

* Catherine Rampell explains why Trump’s latest pick for the Federal Reserve board could be his worst yet.

* Ryan Devereaux reports that the head of the Border Patrol was a member of that secret Facebook group for current and former agents filled with racist and sexist content.

* Dara Lind reports that Border Patrol agents are passing around commemorative coins mocking the task of caring for migrants.

* Holly Otterbein breaks down the ways in which supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are very different kinds of people.

* Robert Burns reports that it’s been seven months since the Pentagon had a confirmed defense chief, the longest such period in history.

* Jonathan Martin and Sydney Ember report on the challenge Bernie Sanders faces as he resists changing anything about his campaign style.

* Dahlia Lithwick explains how Alex Acosta got away with what he did in the Epstein case for so long.

* And Jeet Heer explains to leftists why they should stop going on Tucker Carlson’s show.