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* Rachael Bade reports that impeachment is coming back to the table:

Rep. Al Green will file articles of impeachment against President Trump on Tuesday night, triggering a contentious vote in the coming days to confront an issue that has bitterly divided the Democratic Party.

The Texas congressman, who notified Democratic leaders of his decision on Tuesday, said the House must impeach Trump for racist remarks suggesting four minority congresswoman “go back” to their ancestral countries as well as other comments he has made in the past. [...]

Green’s move will force House Democrats to deal with the issue in the near term. Under House rules, Democratic leadership can decide to try to table the impeachment articles, effectively killing them for now and risk criticism from the party’s liberal base; refer them to the House Judiciary Committee for possible consideration; or allow the vote to proceed.

If leaders do nothing, Green can force a vote on the impeachment articles in two legislative days.

This is not going to make Nancy Pelosi happy.

* Caitlin Byrd reports that former congressman, governor, and Appalachian Trail walker Mark Sanford is thinking about challenging President Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination:

Almost a year after President Donald Trump urged voters to reject Mark Sanford, the former South Carolina congressman is considering a Republican presidential run of his own against Trump in 2020.

Sanford, in an interview Tuesday with The Post and Courier, confirmed he will take the next month to formulate a potential run against Trump as a way of pushing a national debate about America’s mounting debt, deficit and government spending.

That’s just about the dumbest reason to run for president, but fine.

* Ally Mutnick reports that swing district Democratic freshman members of Congress have raised huge amounts of money so far this year, suggesting they’ll be ready for challenges in 2020.

* Jennifer Agiesta reports that a new CNN poll in New Hampshire shows a tight race, with Joe Biden at 24 percent, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders tied at 19 percent, Pete Buttigieg at 10 percent, and Kamala Harris at 9 percent.

* Kellyanne Conway ranted on Fox News that those four Democratic congresswomen represent the “dark underbelly in this country.”

* Ishaan Tharoor explains how Trump’s racism has helped push the Republican Party to the far right among conservative parties in western democracies.

* Justin Elliot and Paul Kiel report that after the 2017 tax cut meant a lot of people wouldn’t have to itemize deductions and could file their taxes for free, Turbo Tax maker Intuit made up for its lost revenue by figuring out how to squeeze more money out of the unemployed, people with disabilities, and people with student loans.

* Aaron Blake reminds us that in the age of Trump, the American public is becoming more welcoming toward immigrants.

* Writing about Trump’s racist attacks, Jamil Smith explains how it’s often the more marginalized people who can see America most clearly.

* Michael Luo considers Trump’s racism in light of his own experiences and those of other non-white Amreicans who never stop hearing “go back to your country.”

* Christopher Ingraham explains why a hotter world will be a more violent one.

* Former Republican state legislator and business owner David Steil explains why he concluded the country needs Medicare For All.

* And finally, Trump may have lost The Mooch.