Children of mainly Latino immigrant parents take part in a march to the Madison County Courthouse in Canton, Miss., on Sunday following immigration raids at food-processing plants in Mississippi. (Rogelio V. Solis/AP)
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What we can learn from a summer barbecue: “While ‘no second choice’ got the most votes when I asked for a Plan B, [Sen. Kamala D.] Harris was the person who was most mentioned as a second choice for Democratic nominee. ... I came away with the distinct impression that where Harris is with these black voters is where [Barack] Obama was with African American voters about this time in 2007. Back then, black voters for the most part were with [Hillary] Clinton. That is, until Obama won the predominantly white state of Iowa during the caucuses in 2008.”

After a summer of President Trump’s fear-mongering, this is a pleasant surprise. “More people give priority to addressing the backlog of asylum cases and improving conditions for asylum seekers than to making it harder — or easier — for asylum seekers to be granted legal status. ... Democrats are more than twice as likely as Republicans to say providing safe and sanitary conditions for asylum seekers is very important (71% vs. 32%)." Says a lot — about Republicans.

This has certainly played out this summer. “The world, as Donald Trump sees it, is simple. Whatever happens, the correct explanation for it is not which explanation is likeliest or most supported by the evidence, but whichever one is best for him or worse for his enemies. This outlook is helpful for a few things: sowing national chaos and confusion, whipping up his supporters, demoralizing his enemies.”

Why did Stephen Ross’s summer fundraiser for Trump lead to a corporate nightmare for SoulCycle and Equinox? “If gyms sell people on the idea that a gym affiliation is part of their identity, gyms can’t really be surprised when people quit because they no longer identify. Brands have the option of forgoing identity branding: We just sell hammers. If you like our hammers, buy them — they are good. But once brands invite people to incorporate an entire ethos into their sense of self, expect that those people will judge the company by their own moral standards.”

After everything he has done, it’s swearing that put them over the edge this summer? “For evangelicals, however, Trump’s indelicate language has frustrated religious fans who have otherwise been staunch supporters of his agenda. They agree with his social policies, praise his appointment of conservative judges and extol his commitment to Israel — often tolerating Trump’s character flaws for the continued advancement of all three.” But not lying. Or adultery.

This summer, members of the media have begun focusing on how poorly Trump is doing in the suburbs, especially with women. “For all of the discussion about whether Democrats can win Texas in 2020, or whether they have solid chances to flip Senate seats in Arizona and Georgia, one demographic development has become crystal clear: President Donald Trump is losing America’s suburbs.”

In a summer of cruelty comes another Trump attack on immigrants. “The Trump administration will make it harder for legal immigrants who rely on government benefit programs, such as food stamps and subsidized housing, to obtain permanent legal status as part of a far-reaching new policy aimed at altering the flow of legal immigration and reducing the number of poor immigrants.” But they keep saying they only oppose legal immigration. Not.

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