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Opinion Morning Bits: Will Trump crash the economy?

People walk by the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Crash the economy and his election prospects. Seems about right. “Wall Street hoisted another hurricane warning on the economy on Wednesday as fear continues to rise that a recession could arrive by next year, potentially crashing into President Donald Trump’s attempt to win a second term.”

Other countries may be heading for a crash as well. “In ominous signs of the damage being done by the trade war between China and the United States, data released on Wednesday indicated that the German economy was hurtling toward recession and that growth at Chinese factories was slowing at a pace not seen in nearly two decades.”

If voters understand what an obstacle to a popular bill he is, his majority may come crashing down. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as ‘Moscow Mitch’ during a political speech in Illinois on Wednesday as she chided the Kentucky Republican for blocking an array of legislation passed by her chamber this year. Speaking at a Democratic event in Springfield, Pelosi (D-Calif.) recounted a series of bills passed by the House, including measures raising the minimum wage, reforming elections and expanding health care.”

Not everyone thinks the economy is heading for a crash. “Former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen said the markets may be wrong this time in trusting the yield curve inversion as a recession indicator.”

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We are getting a crash course in ideas for gun laws. “Taxation offers one of the most promising and underutilized tools to change the calculus of gun violence in America. Few Americans realize that guns and ammunition are already taxed to pay for conservation efforts.” The tax would have to be really high.

Someone else is offering a crash course. “Sen. Kamala D. Harris on Tuesday joined the growing number of Democratic presidential candidates to outline plans to combat domestic terrorism in the wake of massacres in Texas and Ohio earlier this month. … Harris also would direct the National Counterterrorism Center — which analyzes all terror-related intelligence — to study the threat of white-nationalist terrorism globally. She would try to add domestic terrorism to the group’s mission, though Congress currently prohibits the NCTC from handling homegrown issues.”

Speaking of crashes, Trump has wrecked our Iran policy. “The Trump administration keeps sending conflicting and contradictory messages to Iran about its terms for new negotiations, multiple U.S and European officials tell The Daily Beast. And the ensuing chaos has vexed the president, complicated diplomatic efforts for American allies abroad, and utterly baffled policymakers at home.” Total incompetence.

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