Jennifer Rubin is right. “Stop the craziness” is a good, easy-to-remember rhetorical slap at President Trump and the insanity coming from the White House. Nuke hurricanes? Buy Greenland? Hold the next Group of Seven summit at Trump’s private resort? Lord knows such a rejoinder would earn nary a Pinocchio from our Fact Checker colleagues. But I want to add another to the oral arsenal: “Dude gotta go!”

Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) let this beauty rip during an event in Las Vegas on Aug. 3. “I got very casual in my conversation because it was just late,” she said in an interview with the Associated Press on Aug. 13. The Twitter account @blackwomenviews captured the “very casual” moment.

Full disclosure: I’ve known Harris since she was California attorney general and my husband worked on her presidential campaign launch in Oakland, Calif. So, I’ve had the occasion to see Harris in private settings. That’s why I love the video clip of her gesticulating while saying off-the-cuff, “Dude gotta go!” It shows her down-home, relatable side that most folks don’t get to see thanks to 20-some-odd Democratic candidates and a president demanding our attention 24/7.

Here’s how you know it resonated. The late-night Las Vegas crowd spontaneously started chanting, “Dude gotta go! Dude gotta go!” Now Harris is incorporating it into her stump speech. She did so in North Carolina over the weekend and in Iowa two weeks ago. Each time the crowd chanted. “Dude gotta go” totally meets the Rubin Rule of not getting down in the mud with Trump while “creating an easy-to-remember message associated with the Democratic nominee,” as Rubin suggests.

Actually, a better idea would be to combine Rubin’s suggestion with Harris’s creation: “Stop the craziness. Dude gotta go!”

Who’s designing the T-shirt? I’ll take a medium in black.

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