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Opinion Morning Bits: Trump’s most foolish lie

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in West Yorkshire, England, on Thursday. (Danny Lawson/Pool via Reuters)

President Trump’s foolish attempt to cover up a mistake gets new life — from Trump! “Just as we are on Day 5 of hurricane watch, we are also on Day 5 of the president hunkering down in defense of a simple misspoken statement. While Dorian is weakening as it hits the United States, Hurricane Donald is only spinning quicker and harder.”

Could be among his top 10 most foolish lies. “Telling entirely unconvincing lies has been a hallmark of the Trump administration, but this one sticks out for it pointlessness.”

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The National Rifle Association foolishly attacked Walmart, highlighting its own impotence. “Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, said Tuesday it would no longer sell certain types of ammunition, end all handgun sales and ask customers not to carry guns openly in its stores. Kroger, another mega-retailer, quickly followed suit, urging its customers to leave their guns at home before shopping.”

After foolishly booting out members of his own party, more trouble awaits the British prime minister. “To keep alive the possibility of pulling Britain out of the European Union by Oct. 31, [Boris] Johnson wants to hold the election as quickly as possible. But opposition lawmakers are reluctant to let him schedule the election on his terms. Some of them reason that postponing a vote until November would force Mr. Johnson to abide by a law blocking a no-deal Brexit and to ask Brussels for a delay, thereby breaking the central promise of his tenure.”

Republicans on the ballot in 2020 are foolish to allow this to go forward. “The list of military projects deferred to pay for a $3.6 billion tranche of President Donald Trump’s border wall drew bipartisan complaints — potentially increasing pressure on Congress to resolve the long-running conflict over Trump’s signature initiative or to find the money elsewhere.”

It’s foolish but inevitable that they go back to tax cuts. They have no other ideas. “Republicans remain mired in a Reagan-era mindset in which tax cuts are the key to electoral success, but tax cuts today are not the guaranteed winner they once were. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reduced revenues and increased inequality without spurring growth. It was also a political failure. Most voters don’t believe that their tax liability has changed or that they received a higher refund because of the TCJA.”

You’d be foolish to predict elections base on crowd size. “While the ability to generate big crowds is certainly nice — it may signal enthusiasm among highly engaged voters or produce favorable media coverage — you should ignore any candidate, surrogate or media outlet that tells you that large crowd sizes mean that the polls are underestimating a candidate’s support. It’s just spin; polls are much more accurate at forecasting elections.”