President Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani was paid $500,000 last year by a company founded by one of his business associates who was arrested last week and charged with campaign finance violations.
Giuliani told The Washington Post late Monday that he was confident the money he received for work conducted on behalf of the Florida-based business called Fraud Guarantee, which was co-founded by Lev Parnas, was legitimate and originated in the United States.
“I know exactly where the money came from. I knew it at the time,” he said. “I will prove beyond any doubt it came from the United States of America.”

Was there ever any doubt that this whole sordid affair would also include Rudy getting cut in on the deal?

The House’s impeachment inquiry is turning attention toward former national security adviser John Bolton, after a former top aide delivered explosive testimony Monday describing how he was infuriated by a shadow operation being conducted by the president’s allies and his lawyer in Ukraine to dig up dirt on the president’s political rivals.
Fiona Hill, who was the National Security Council’s top Russia and Europe adviser under Bolton, told investigators that Bolton likened President Trump’s lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, a driving force behind the efforts, to a “hand grenade,” according to two people familiar with her testimony.
Hill also testified that Bolton wanted to make clear he was not involved and very opposed to what he described as the “drug deal” between the White House’s acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, and U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who were also involved in the effort, the people said.

As some people joked on Twitter today, we knew Bolton wanted to engineer the overthrow of a government or two, but nobody thought it would be this one.


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