Put aside the fact that the attorney general has no business preaching about faith to the American people, as William P. Barr did recently when he denounced secularism as the root of modern evils. He should be disqualified from lecturing Americans as he did last week. "The campaign to destroy the traditional moral order has coincided and I believe has brought with it immense suffering and misery. And yet the forces of secularism, ignoring these tragic results, press on with even greater militancy,” Barr said during an event at the University of Notre Dame. "Those who defy the creed risk a figurative burning at the stake: social, educational and professional ostracism and exclusion waged through lawsuits and savage social media campaigns.” Defy the creed?!

Well, in any event, Barr cheers for and enables a president who refers to countries with black and brown people as "s---hole countries”; rips children from the arms of their parents; dehumanizes immigrants; lies in the span of 993 days in office to the tune of his “13,435 false or misleading claims, according to the Fact Checker’s database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement he has uttered” (including “an average of almost 22 claims a day since our last update 65 days ago”); insults and has allegedly assaulted women; backed an alleged child molester for U.S. Senate; brags about sexual assault; paid off two women with whom he had extramarital affairs; uses vulgar language routinely; and celebrates violence. The problem is perhaps not secularism but the Trump cult — including the attorney general — that fails to draw any moral or ethical lines. Given the horrendous behavior and corruption (not to mention the abandonment of loyal allies) under President Trump, the right should not lecture anyone about social morality or values. Ever.

If one spends years tolerating, supporting and defending a president whose character is lower than any president in modern memory, one loses the right to wag his finger.

Likewise, I really do not want to hear about the “rule of law” from people who support a president that obstructs the Mueller investigation and the impeachment inquiry; tells subordinates he’ll pardon them if they break the wall erecting his wall; defies Congress by seizing the appropriation power for himself; refuses to abide by the letter of the law requiring the treasury secretary to turn over Trump’s taxes to the House Ways and Means Committee; receives foreign emoluments barred by the Constitution; defies campaign finance laws by hiding payments to women and inviting foreigners to help his reelection campaign; misleads the courts on the origin of a plan to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census; and surrounds himself with an abnormally high number of advisers who wind up either convicted or pleading guilty to crimes. As with morality, no more Federalist Society lectures on limited government and constitutional conservatism, please.

And then there is foreign policy. The Post editorial board speaks for many in reminding us, “How often have Mr. Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress berated President Barack Obama for allowing Syria to cross his ‘red line’ without dire consequences? None of them is entitled ever to mention that again.”Apologizing for America (we kill people, too, he said in defense of the murders of Russian journalists); deferring to dictators in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Russia and North Korea; and abandoning human rights? There has been an epidemic of each in this administration so, once more, I never want to hear that Republicans are the strong-on-defense and pro-democracy party. Ever.

And let’s not forget about deficits (Republicans are going to reach an annual deficit of $1 trillion); hate crimes and white nationalist violence (both up under Trump); or complete mismanagement of border security.

In short, a party that refuses to impeach a president who betrays American democracy, runs the most corrupt administration in history, exemplifies not a single religious value, ruins U.S. credibility around the world and mismanages virtually everything he touches does not have the high ground on any topic. Indeed, Republicans have tolerated and enabled rotten policy and lawlessness for far too long. In doing so, it has lost the moral standing to govern — or to criticize the other party.

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