Leave Donald alone! He has done nothing wrong. Okay, he has done something wrong. But is it worth impeachment, really? Consider, before you answer, that “impeachment is the most serious thing you can do to a president,” as Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, so wisely reminds us.

Impeachment should not be brought for something minor like, say, a misdemeanor. Maybe for a high crime, but I am not sure even about that. Something like — I don’t know. I am drawing a blank. I honestly cannot think of something Donald Trump could do that would be impeachable. Can you think of a single thing Donald Trump would do for which the Republican majority in the Senate would willingly remove him from office? Well, exactly.

Also and most importantly, there is an election coming that will let us know what the people really think. We should not do any impeaching before that. I know you are saying, “If we have to wait for the next election to remove people if they slide slowly below the standards of the presidency while in office, then why have the process of impeachment at all?” Do not ask impertinent questions. There is nothing in the Constitution to protect you if you do that. But:

Impeachment is a mysterious appendix that was added to the Constitution because the Founders wanted to give people the illusion of control, like the button that claims to close the elevator doors. As long as no one is removed from office, people can impeach all they want and get the sense of satisfaction that comes with it. The Founders put plenty of things in the Constitution to give people the illusion of control, but actual removal from office? It is a weapon too powerful for use. Merely the threat of it is enough to keep anyone on the straight and narrow, until the next election sets things right.

However, I feel I should clarify what kind of election is coming up. This election is going to tell us the will of the people, but it is not the kind before which we must stop everything we are doing — appointing judges to supreme courts, say — and wait with bated breath for the people to weigh in. That is different. President Trump should certainly not stop appointing justices. If anything, he should appoint more justices and faster.

Indeed, if the election looks like its outcome is that he should be removed from office (an unthinkable consequence), perhaps he had better stay until four years later when the people can clarify exactly what they meant by that. Just in case. It may be that the actual will of the people is for him to serve indefinitely. It might be good for him to stay in office until such time as the election inevitably reflects that.

If you are at all confused, please consult the following chart:

Also, another reason he should not be impeached is that he is very bad at crimes. He tries his best, bless his heart, but he just can’t seem to make them stick. Probably this is because of the people around him, who, thankfully, hinder him at every turn. Everyone agrees, when they see the transcripts of his hapless calls, that he is more to be pitied than censured. He is certainly not to be censured.

But also it is bad that these people tried to stop him. Even if what they tried to stop him from was doing crimes. It is not right to stop him from doing anything; he is the president (Article II says he can do whatever he likes), and it is a slippery slope to think that you know better than the president. If he had succeeded in doing crimes, it would be bad, but the people around him who tried to stop him from doing crimes are the real criminals, but also do not impeach him, because there is an election coming and we must wait to hear from the people. Perhaps the people will say something that makes sense.


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