Kurt Volker, a former envoy to Ukraine, testified before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday afternoon that he should have realized President Trump’s true motives in demanding that Ukraine investigate Burisma, a natural gas company that employed former vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Keep in mind that Volker was a witness requested by Republicans, and he just confirmed (though he didn’t use these words) Trump’s corrupt motive in calling for those investigations. -- gs

* This was also confirmed by a top adviser to Vice President Pence, Jennifer Williams:

* And Volker -- again, a GOP-requested witness -- blew up Trump’s favorite conspiracy theories about 2016:

Republicans battling the potential impeachment of President Trump have flitted among a multitude of shifting — and, at times, contradictory — defenses and deflections as they seek to cast doubt on a narrative supported by mounting evidence: that Trump subverted U.S. foreign policy to further his personal aims by pressuring Ukraine to launch politically motivated investigations, using hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid as leverage.
While those attacks — at least 22, according to a Washington Post tally — have done little to undermine the core allegations under investigation in the House, they have been remarkably successful in one respect: keeping congressional Republicans united against impeachment as the GOP casts the probe as partisan.

There’s something for every Republican to grab on to, even if they can’t stomach many of the defenses being offered.

Obama White House officials pushed back forcefully on press secretary Stephanie Grisham’s claim that they left disparaging notes for the incoming administration predicting that “you will fail” and “you aren’t going to make it.”
A reporter for CNN tweeted out Grisham’s comments, in which she alleged “every office was filled with Obama books and we had notes left behind that said ‘You will fail,’” and “‘You aren’t going to make it.’” The tweet sparked blowback from prominent members of the Obama administration who quickly denied and contradicted her account.

If that had happened, Trump staffers would have photographed the notes and posted every one to social media. It’s pathetic that Grisham thought she could get away with something like this. But I guess it shows why Trump thinks so highly of her.

* Simon Rosenberg has a Twitter thread suggesting a way for Democrats to prolong and deepen the impeachment inquiry, to forestall the inevitable effort by Mitch McConnell to bury it under bad-faith procedural nonsense.