* Karoun Demirjian and Mike DeBonis have some early hints about the articles of impeachment:

House Democrats are considering articles of impeachment against President Trump that include obstruction and bribery but are unlikely to pursue a treason charge as they weigh how to illustrate that the president’s activities involving Ukraine were part of what they see as a pattern of misconduct, according to congressional aides.
Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee and Intelligence Committee, which this week released a report of their findings from a two-month-long impeachment investigation, have said that they believe Trump’s actions vis-a-vis Ukraine meet the definition of bribery, one of the crimes the Constitution identifies specifically as an impeachable offense.

On the other hand, they could list all his 500 or so impeachable offenses and let the House vote on all of them.

Joe Biden lashed out at an Iowa town hall Thursday after a man suggested the former vice president helped his son get a sweetheart deal in Ukraine and was “selling access” like President Donald Trump does.
The fiery exchange with the man, who only identified himself as a non-Republican Iowa farmer, ended with Biden challenging him to a contest of push-ups, running or an IQ test before he yelled at him.
“Get your words straight, Jack!” Biden yelled at one point in a hushed room.

I have to point out that if Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klobuchar had done that, people would say she’s a hysterical lunatic and immediately call for her to pull out of the race.

* And Kellyanne Conway, who lives in a 15,000 square foot house she paid $8 million for, explains why liberals are a bunch of elitists.