Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said Wednesday that a senior prosecutor failed to convince him that the FBI’s 2016 investigation of President Trump’s campaign was improperly opened, revealing new details about internal tension among senior officials over the politically explosive case.
At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Horowitz was asked by the panel’s senior Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), if Attorney General William P. Barr or his handpicked prosecutor on the issue, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, offered anything to change the inspector general’s view that the FBI had a valid reason to open the probe in July 2016.
“No, we stand by our finding,” said Horowitz, who said he met in November with Durham to discuss the findings in the inspector general’s 434-page report released Monday.

We’re getting to be a broken record on this, but it’s just unreal that Barr’s apparent position, along with that of the entire Republican Party, is that when the FBI learned that Russia was engaged in a comprehensive campaign to attack our election they should have done nothing and not bothered to investigate.

The legal team for the whistleblower whose account kicked off the impeachment inquiry is preparing for the possibility that lawmakers will call their client to testify in the Senate, two people familiar told CNN.
The White House counsel's office remains in discussion with Republican senators about the length and scope of President Donald Trump's likely Senate impeachment trial. But the whistleblower's lawyers are preparing for all possibilities, including receiving a subpoena for testimony as allies of the President continue their demands to hear from the anonymous person who ignited the Ukraine controversy.
A subpoena would put the whistleblower in uncharted territory, and raise the risk that his or her identity could come out in the course of the trial in the Senate -- where, unlike in the Democrat-led House, some Republicans have expressed a desire to hear from the whistleblower.

I still don’t understand what Republicans think they’re going to get from him, other than to reveal his identity so that one of their lunatic supporters can try to kill him. He’s the guy who heard a crime was in progress and called 911; that’s about it.