Like any opinion piece, video op-eds are crafted to make you think. But because we carry a camera in addition to a pen, we get to show you people and places you wouldn’t normally encounter, ideas and experiences you have to see to believe.

From a couple separated by President Trump’s travel ban, to Hong Kong street fights, to an impeachment muddled by conspiracy theories, these videos explore the power dynamics shaping the nation and the world, as well as the people affected by them.

President Trump’s impeachment inquiry has exposed troubling cracks in the political system. Deputy editorial page editor Ruth Marcus, Russia-Ukraine expert Christian Caryl and media critic Erik Wemple present what’s at stake for U.S. politics, foreign policy and the media.

What began as peaceful protests against a proposed law to allow the Hong Kong government to extradite residents to mainland China has become a de facto war about the future of democracy. Who are the Hong Kongers keeping this seemingly impossible fight alive?

Activists Joshua Wong, Denise Ho, Brian Leung and Nathan Law say Hong Kong’s protests are the forefront of a clash between authoritarian and democratic values.

An American woman and her Iranian husband have reunited in the U.S. after Trump’s travel ban threatened to break up their marriage. Nine days after The Post told their story, they got a waiver. This is their bittersweet reunion.

Felicia Sanders is grappling with an unexpected casualty after surviving the 2015 Emanuel AME shooting — the loss of connection to the Charleston church that shaped her life.

China tries to repress the memory of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown. But former Tiananmen student leader Wu’er Kaixi, photographer Jeff Widener of “Tank Man” fame, author Louisa Lim and Human Rights Watch researcher Yaqiu Wang refuse to forget.

The 2020 Democratic field is still crowded, though less diverse, after a year of campaigning. Post Opinions assistant editor Drew Goins sits down with columnist Karen Tumulty to make sense of it.

Liberals and conservatives share basic common values, but leaders such as Trump use fear to exploit their differences for political gain. Psychology professor Abigail Marsh analyzes the slippery slope from protecting your in-group to attacking the out-group.

The Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network broadcast from the House of Representatives for the first time in March 1979, uncovering a process shrouded in secrecy. C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb says how Americans use that transparency is still a work in progress.

The redevelopment of Barry Farm, a low income Washington neighborhood, is erasing the city’s rich black history and the people who grew out of it, former residents say. They want the community to be recognized as a historic landmark.

Enjoy Pride, but don’t blindly support corporations feeding a fundamentally unjust system that hurts vulnerable LGBTQ communities, says activist Evan Greer. Companies must use their lobbying power to demand structural changes that benefit the most marginalized.

Children growing up with toxic stress from abuse or neglect are more likely to have lifelong health problems. But Nadine Burke Harris, California’s surgeon general, says there is hope.

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