U.S. manufacturing was in a mild recession for all of 2019, according to data released Friday by the Federal Reserve. The downturn is a sore spot in an otherwise healthy U.S. economy and a potential weakness for President Trump, who promised to bring back blue-collar jobs.
In contrast with steady growth in the larger economy, U.S. factory production shrank by 1.3 percent in the past year, the Federal Reserve reported. It marked the worst year for manufacturing since 2015, as the trade war, lackluster global growth and problems at airplane maker Boeing hurt America’s industrial economy.

I was told Trump was going to make China give us back all our manufacturing jobs.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has taken another whack at former first lady Michelle Obama’s signature achievement: Establishing stricter nutritional standards for school breakfasts and lunches. And on her birthday.
On Friday, USDA Deputy Under Secretary Brandon Lipps proposed new rules for the Food and Nutrition Service that would allow schools to cut the amount of vegetables and fruits required at lunch and breakfasts while giving them license to sell more pizza, burgers and fries to students. The agency is responsible for administering nutritional programs that feed nearly 30 million students at 99,000 schools.

It’s like they wake up every day saying “Are we evil enough? How can we be more evil?”

* Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Vanessa Williams, Dan Balz and Scott Clement report that Trump’s approval among Black Americans is 7 percent, and 83 percent think he’s a racist. Not sure what the other 17 percent are thinking.

* And here, courtesy of Republicans For The Rule Of Law, is video of Trump’s new impeachment defender Ken Starr explaining why Trump is guilty.