The Opinions section asked Post readers to tell us what questions they would want Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. to read in the Trump impeachment trial if they were senators. Here is a selection of their responses.

Thomas Fisher of Lakeland, Fla.: “If President Trump is not guilty, why not let everyone testify?”

Joan Wood of Saint Albans, Vt.: “To the House managers and President Trump’s defense attorneys: Why shouldn’t the president be called to testify under oath? This is a subject he speaks about constantly. I would like to hear from him and his administration’s key people under oath, such as Mike Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney, William Barr and John Bolton. This is the only way to lift the cloud. This would benefit Republicans and Democrats. As a voter, I want to hear the truth under oath.”

Daniel Kuralt of Springfield, Mass.: “Does executive privilege apply when the president has been impeached?”

Eugene Van Loan III of Manchester, N.H.: “To the House managers: In your presentations, you frequently claim that President Trump’s actions violated established U.S. foreign policy, and you refer to the testimony of various witnesses in the diplomatic corps or other administrative positions in support of these claims. The Constitution delegates the conduct of foreign policy to the president — and only the president. So, regardless of what executive branch subordinates may think our policy was in the past, is now or should be, aren’t their views merely their personal opinions unless they purport to state our foreign policy as established by the current president?”

Taylor Moon of Orange Park, Fla.: “To the president’s lawyers: You claim that aid to Ukraine was withheld in part due to concerns over burden-sharing with allies. You also claim Ukraine wasn’t aware aid was being withheld. If the hold on aid was a closely guarded secret and only certain administration officials (Office of Management and Budget, Trump advisers, etc.) and the Pentagon were aware it was being held up, and neither Ukraine or any allies were aware, how could Ukraine or allies possibly be able to address the burden-sharing concerns before the deadline was reached to send the aid?”

Bonita Maky of South Euclid, Ohio: “To the president’s lawyers: Why do you say impeachment is an attempt to ‘undo an election’? Wasn’t Vice President Pence elected as well?”

Jay April of Denver: “To the president’s lawyers: From the beginning of the impeachment investigation, Republicans were present at Rep. Adam Schiff’s committee meetings. Why do you keep saying they were not?”

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