Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who gave President Trump one of his toughest interviews in July (although it seems like years ago), will moderate the first presidential debate next week. He released the following debate topics, each of which will get about 15 minutes in a 90-minute debate: the Trump and Biden records; the Supreme Court; covid-19; the economy; race and violence in our cities; and the integrity of the election.

Trump, who reportedly has not practiced for the debate, may be in for a rude awakening next week. Consider some possible questions for the first three topics (we will do the others on Thursday):

The Trump and Biden records:

  • Mr. President, where is your health-care plan? Why take away the Affordable Care Act before a replacement is found?
  • Mr. President, why were you unable to negotiate an infrastructure bill? Or a bill to reduce prescription drugs?
  • Mr. President, why did so many of your hires get fired, often with ethics problems? Did you actually hire the “best” people, as you promised? Why did you appoint only one African American to the Cabinet and not a single African American to an appellate court?
  • Mr. President, you said you would eliminate the debt. It’s now more than $26 trillion. Isn’t that a failure? How will you reduce it?
  • Mr. President, your tax plan did not produce the economic growth you promised. Why? Why didn’t you foresee it would be used for things such as stock buybacks that generally enrich executives?
  • Mr. President, what did you do to address climate change? Is it still a hoax in your mind?
  • Mr. President, you told parents and children after the mass killing at a high school in Parkland, Fla., that you would fight for gun safety laws. You never did. Why not?
  • Mr. President, do you regret the migrant child separation policy and resulting trauma?
  • Mr. President, why did you never confront Vladimir Putin about anything?
  • Mr. President, how is NATO funded?
  • Mr. President, why did you abandon the Kurds in Syria?
  • Mr. President, did you hold back aid to Ukraine so they would produce negative information on Biden? Did you lie when you said under oath that you did not recall speaking to anyone on your 2016 campaign about WikiLeaks’s release of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee, given that you reportedly talked to Roger Stone about it? Why do you insist you were exonerated in the Mueller report when there were at least 10 examples in the report showing you obstructed justice?
  • Mr. Biden, do you credit the president with anything?
  • Mr. Biden, was the president’s trade deal better than NAFTA? What’s wrong with getting NATO countries to pay more?
  • Mr. Biden, was it a mistake to not make the Iran deal a treaty?
  • Mr. Biden, did you support the Obama administration’s deportation policy?

The Supreme Court:

  • Mr. President, have any of your Supreme Court nominees assured that they will vote in your favor? If so, on what issue?
  • Mr. President, are you certain the nominee is going to reverse Roe v. Wade? Or strike down the Affordable Care Act?
  • Mr. President, why do you attack the credibility of judges? Do you want to apologize to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s grandchild for calling into question the justice’s last “fervent” wish that her replacement be chosen after the election?
  • Mr. President, you insisted that Obama had to give the people a chance to weigh in on the next Supreme Court nominee. Why should you not have to give the same deference?
  • Mr. President, do you want the next justice to vote to reverse same-sex marriage? Protection for gay and transgender rights under the Civil Rights Act? The cases mandating you have to comply with subpoenas?
  • Mr. Biden, will you rule out adding seats to the court? Curtailing the court’s jurisdiction? Ending lifetime tenure?
  • Mr. Biden, would you consider two justices to be tainted because Obama should have chosen one and you, should you win, the other?


  • Mr. President, is 200,000 dead Americans a success?
  • Mr. President, you told Bob Woodward that covid-19 was much worse than the flu but told Americans the opposite. Why did you lie? What is your message for those Americans who could have taken precautionary measures if they had known how dangerous it was?
  • Mr. President, why did you not trust the American people not to “panic”?
  • Mr. President, why do you misrepresent your China travel restrictions, which were not immediately enacted?
  • Mr. President, you initially praised China for its handling of covid-19. Were you duped?
  • Mr. President, if you had ordered a lockdown, mask-wearing and social distancing sooner, it is estimated that tens of thousands of lives could have been saved. Do you regret this?
  • Mr. President, do you regret criticizing mask-wearing for months? Do you regret recommending a drug as a treatment for covid-19 when your own advisers said its benefits were not proved?
  • Mr. President, you said covid-19 “affects virtually nobody” younger than 18. What did you mean?
  • Mr. Biden, how is your plan different than what Trump has done?
  • Mr. Biden, should you have ended rallies sooner? Do you think Trump is endangering his supporters?

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