Our favorite Washington Post video op-eds of 2020

Our favorite Washington Post video op-eds of 2020


When we began publishing visual opinions and perspectives in earnest a few years ago, we said the people on-screen should reflect the world we live in, not just the world we know. Then the coronavirus hit. It made travel more dangerous and took away shared public spaces where we might have met someone whose life we could only imagine. Our mission became a little harder — and even more important. Here are some of the perspectives we needed to see and hear to understand.

Lessons from Ahmaud Arbery’s killing — that you already knew

By Joy Sharon Yi and Kate Woodsome with Frank X Walker

Killer Mike: We could avoid 100 more years of racial turmoil by doing the right thing now

By Joel Adrian, Kate Woodsome and Danielle Kunitz

This is why the media should not replay viral videos of black men being killed

By Joy Sharon Yi and Kate Woodsome with Kevin B. Blackistone

Inside the ‘Million MAGA March’: Hate groups, families and false claims of election fraud

By Joy Sharon Yi and Kate Woodsome

Political tribalism makes these conservatives nervous. We asked them why.

By Kate Woodsome and Joy Sharon Yi

Don’t let mail-in voting be thwarted by badly designed ballots

By Danielle Kunitz

Vice President Biden, you need Black women voters. This is how to win us.

The Tump-Fox News coronavirus misinformation campaign has real consequences

By Joshua Carroll and Erik Wemple

Covid-19 forced this Maryland doctor to close. His care extends beyond the clinic.

By Shane Alcock and Kate Woodsome

She has to work, so she is sleeping in her car to avoid exposing her family to covid-19

By Joy Sharon Yi

Trump is fueling a covid-19 anti-vaccine movement, but the problem is far bigger

By Danielle Kunitz and Kate Woodsome

QAnon and racism are driving more than U.S. politics. Germany should know.

By Parjanya Christian Holtz and Kate Woodsome

Trump’s policies separated this mother and son. She wants Biden to help repair the damage.

By Jeremy Raff, Catherine Rampell and Connie Chavez

Trump’s travel ban is a moral stain. Congress can do more to stop it.

By Joshua Carroll, Kate Woodsome and Breanna Muir

The improbability of Nancy Pelosi

By Joy Sharon Yi, Karen Tumulty and Shane Alcock

With the Iran conflict, question everything. Didn’t we learn from Iraq?

By Kate Woodsome and Joy Sharon Yi with Max Boot

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