Hi there, and welcome to Dave & Filibuster’s! Ready for fun? Ready to win? Too bad! We have rules against that here. Brace yourself for a cavalcade of delights and experiences that will leave you frustrated, annoyed and unable to do what you came here for!

In Our Restaurant: Has your whole party decided on something they would like to order? Too bad! You are getting what Bob, who is not a member of your party (Wave at him! He’s sitting by himself under the big football screen!) wants you to have instead. Bob wants you to have the Loaded Philly Sliders! Mm! Sorry, it’s the rules!

At Our Bar: Actually, I found out you can decide to ignore what Bob wants if Todd, who is technically a member of your party, will agree that this is the right thing to do. Start a new tradition, right now! But I have to warn you, I don’t think Todd will be down with it! He loves the traditions here at Dave & Filibuster’s! He’s digging into his Loaded Philly Sliders with a big smile.

At Our Arcade: Ding-ding! Enjoy a variety of games that are rewarding in the sense that every experience at Dave & Filibuster's is a reward. It’s just fun to spend time together.

  • Daytona USA: Get in the driver’s seat of one of our virtual race cars! Except: You’re not actually in the driver’s seat. Bob is! Bob hates to go fast and wants to go a different direction than you do. No, I can’t ask Bob to leave.
  • Skee-Ball: In order to win, you always need 10 more points than you have.
  • Dance Dance Revolution: You can select any song you like, but for that song to actually play, you need Bob again. Bob hates Dance Dance Revolution because he thinks it smacks of socialism, and he won’t approve any of the songs you pick.
  • Pop-A-Shot: Hey! There is a way to win this that doesn’t involve getting Bob’s approval, but it’s complicated and involves the Byrd Rule. The Byrd Rule states that if you can prove that you need to play Pop-A-Shot for budget reasons, you’re free to do so. Do you? For budget reasons?
  • The Claw: Have fun playing with The Claw! Bob doesn’t care about The Claw.
  • Big Bass Spinning Wheel: I see that you are reading the fine print now, and it is true that you can do anything you want if you find a supermajority of the people in the restaurant to agree with you. So, good luck finding a supermajority of the people in the restaurant to support Big Bass Spinning Wheel.

Birthdays: Is it your birthday? We’ll bring Bob some of the items on your wish list, and he will scoff at them and put them aside.

Prizes: You get no prize! You get nothing!

Our Story: James Madison said this was a bad concept for a restaurant, but our founder disagreed. His greatest joy was to order something he wanted and watch it be taken away repeatedly for no reason. It is honestly weird to us that so many people come here and have positive memories of this place!

Testimonials: “I had a great time at Dave & Filibuster's! They really take all your preferences into consideration! One time, I got to stop a whole bachelor party from doing anything they wanted to do for three hours! It was amazing!” — Bob

“There’s something even better than getting what you want, and that’s tradition! I love the tradition of going to Dave & Filibuster's!” — Kyrsten

“They wouldn’t allow it to be like this if it weren’t for some reason, I think?” — Joe B.


“I arrived here and I slapped a fish sandwich out of a man’s hand and nobody stopped me! Now I come here every day and I don’t order anything, I just make life miserable for everyone else. Anyone can be Bob!” — Mitch

“I don’t want Dave & Filibuster’s to be shut down, I just want it to be changed so you can get what you came for, sometimes. Like maybe on Tuesdays, the parliamentarian would say you could get tacos without having to Go Nuclear™! That would be an improvement!” — Jeff

“I hate going to Dave & Filibuster's. I want it to be shut down. If I get one more Loaded Philly Sliders brought to me in place of what I was trying to order, I am going to stab someone with a salad comb.” — Amy

Loyalty Program: You can be as loyal to Dave & Filibuster's as you would like, but your loyalty will never be rewarded.

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