Opinion Sneak Preview! Paintings from the Hunter Biden Art Show.

(Illustrations by Meghan Kruger/The Washington Post; background and frames by iStock)

The Georges Bourgeois Gallery is pleased to offer our most discerning clients early and exclusive access to selected lots from our upcoming auction highlighting the talent of one of America’s most celebrated painters, Hunter Biden. Biden’s virtuosic work has earned him critical acclaim from around the world, and his art would be the perfect decorative touch for any oligarch’s palace in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Browse the masterpieces of this remarkable new artist online, or visit us in our New York gallery this fall.

Landscape — Ukrainian Field at Sunset

Oil on canvas, 2015

Estimate: $435,000

The artist recalls the majestic feeling of gazing upon natural gas drilling infrastructure bathed in the soft glow of evening.

From the Heart

Acrylic on fabric, 2016

Estimate: $75,000-90,000

Mr. Biden’s edgy, playful expression of pride over his work in a former career.

The Treachery of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Oil on canvas, 2017

Estimate: $330,000-355,000

Revealing his philosophical depth, Mr. Biden explores whether a revenue source is in the eye of the beholder.

Federal Income Tax Return

Mixed media on office paper, 2018

Estimate: $280,000

The artist’s courageous response to the challenge posed by IRS Form 1040.

Portrait — The Art Buyer as Seen From the White House Ethics Office

Tempera on wood, 2021

Estimate: $500,000

The painter boldly proclaims: One man’s corruption is another’s art dealing. Who are we to judge?

Painters Who Would Appear in This Gallery if Not Named Biden

Gouache on paper, 2021

Estimate: Priceless

Res ipsa loquitur, as an enterprising U.S. attorney might say.

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