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Opinion You did this to Josh Hawley

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), questions Attorney General Merrick Garland during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Oct. 27. (Tom Brenner/AP)
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“I want to talk with you about the left’s attempt to give us a world beyond men. … While the left may celebrate this decline of men, I for one cannot join them. No one should.”

— Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) addressing the National Conservatism Conference on Nov. 1

I can remember the moment I started to become a ghost of myself, a shallow husk of a man. It was an afternoon when I heard somebody referring to someone who was going to give birth as a “person.” Can’t be! I thought. Persons don’t do that! Persons are not the ones we can legally force to give birth, they’re the other ones! It must be that society is dying. It must be that there aren’t Men anymore, not even one, and it’s all the left’s fault.

The more I looked around, into mirrors and also other places (windows, metallic surfaces, etc.), the more it seemed true: Something terrible had happened to Men. Men were being destroyed and replaced with a cowering thing called Josh. I looked at its reflection and shuddered. There was someone craven enough to offer a supportive fist-pump to the people flooding the Capitol to stop the certification of the election results. There was someone who refused to certify the results even after the Capitol was stormed. There was someone who refused to hold Donald Trump accountable even after he presided over an attempt to overturn the election!

Where was masculine virtue? Where were “the kind of men who make republics possible”? As I said in my remarks, “It is not too much to say that our ability to get that kind of men will determine the success of our long experiment in liberty.” Well, this grinning, dead-eyed fellow whom I saw in every reflective surface did not even believe in representative government! How could the country survive if this was what it was sending to Congress? This was not the kind of stuff the Founders had been counting on. They would have spit in his eye, except maybe Aaron Burr, whose behavior you never could predict.

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No, manhood is in a serious state of decline, and it is all the fault of the left. “Can we be surprised that after years of being told they are the problem, that their manhood is the problem, more and more men are withdrawing into the enclave of idleness and pornography and video games?” Yes, it is they who have driven us into the arms of video games and pornography! It is disgusting what the left is making us do.

But more fundamentally, they wouldn’t even let me stand up to the Big Lie; I am still mouthing it, right now! I make myself ill. But that is all right; illness is something that can be cured without recourse to medical science, as you will read from my notes on the vaccine mandate. Yes, the left has deconstructed me so much that I am actively trying to make covid-19 worse!

The left would have you believe that there are many right ways to be a man (false!) or, worse yet, a person, with "X" as the gender on their passport no less! But just to show them, I refuse to try any of these ways. Instead, I will hold up Donald Trump as a role model, I will continue to insist that the lies he tells about democracy are true, and I will blame the left for all my failures.

I say to men, “Your strength can liberate others. Your power can serve those in need. … You can make this a more perfect nation.” Or you can do what I’m doing!