Opinion The best Michael de Adder cartoons of 2021

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Editorial cartoonist Michael de Adder drew his takes on all of 2021′s biggest stories. Here are his favorites.

April 15: A beacon of hate

April 27: Out of step with crazy

May 21: Stairway to heaven

May 25: Doubling down on stupid

May 27: Thoughts and prayers

May 28: Fear and loathing in the GOP

June 3: Ineligible players on the field

June 4: Eye to eye

June 22: Active voter on the scene

June 24: The race to the bottom

July 2: It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to

July 27: Defenders of truth, justice and the American way

Aug. 19: Taliban 2.0

Aug. 20: Lost in translation

Sept. 14: Liar, liar Fox News host on fire

Oct. 5: Instashaming

Oct. 21: The future of democracy

Oct. 29: Critical race nonsense

Nov. 5: And justice for some

Nov. 11: To self-serve and open carry

Nov. 24: Giving thanks in 2021

Dec. 7: Our hearts at half-staff