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Opinion Miyares’s first actions are appalling

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares in Richmond on Jan. 19. (Julia Rendleman/The Washington Post)
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Regarding the Jan. 20 Metro article “Miyares: ‘A new sheriff in town’”:

Philosophy professor Saladdin Ahmed recently discussed the exhaustion that the American public feels from a seemingly endless series of attacks on democratic norms. He wrote that “when the public loses the ability to be shocked, one can be sure fascism has already arrived.”

I’m happy to report that day is not here yet. I was genuinely appalled by the actions of Jason Miyares (R), the new Virginia attorney general, who on taking office fired the entire conviction integrity unit of the attorney general’s office. This unit, made up of nonpolitical attorneys, was dedicated to reversing wrongful convictions. Mr. Miyares’s spokeswoman said he has “a different vision” for the office. Apparently, a laser focus on reversing wrongful convictions is no longer needed in a new tough-on-crime regime.

Congratulations, Mr. Miyares; you’re off to an amazing start.

Kenneth Gubin, Herndon