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Opinion It’s not equity that’s the problem

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R). (Robb Hill for The Washington Post)
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As a resident of Virginia, I was greatly concerned by the March 6 Metro article “Youngkin removes references to ‘equity.’ ” The Office of the Governor and supporting legislators seem to believe that “equity” is a bad thing, because it actually justifies discrimination and eradicates the value of pulling oneself up by their bootstraps. If a person thinks it’s okay to build wheelchair ramps — even require them for government buildings and certain businesses — they have no problem with equity. If a person has no problem with accessibility requirements such as larger type and subtitles for websites, documents and videos to accommodate the elderly, they have no problem with equity. If a person supports and takes advantage of non-merit-based, purely need-based college financial aid, they have no problem with equity. If that same person is okay with all of that but has a problem putting resources toward closing racial performance gaps in schools, then that person doesn’t have a problem with equity. That person has a problem with race. Everything else is just rationalization.

Kathy Rondon, Falls Church