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Opinion The U.S. must step up its efforts with Ukraine

Andrii Maleev in Ruska Losova, Ukraine, on May 30. (Wojciech Grzedzinski for The Washington Post)
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The June 2 front-page article “U.S. defends rocket transfer” provided examples of all that is wrong with U.S. assistance to Ukraine. Disclosure of the number of rocket systems benefits no one but the enemy. The quantity (four) supplied and the timing of the support are consistent with an obviously unspoken policy of providing Ukraine with just enough assistance to delay losing. And it is conditioned on Ukraine using the assistance to fight only on, and consequently further destroy, Ukrainian territory. Russian territory is off-limits.

The idea that bleeding the Russian armed forces will cause them to terminate the fight is bankrupt. It didn’t work when the Germans tried in World War II, and it won’t work with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the helm. It is time for the United States and its allies to call Russia’s bluff and provide Ukraine with air, missile and artillery capabilities that match or exceed Russia’s.

Paul Krumhaus, Annandale