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Opinion Not a bridge to nowhere, but not a sight to behold

The Theodore Roosevelt Bridge in D.C. on Feb. 15. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)
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I was pleased to learn that the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge is to be structurally repaired and upgraded for bikers and pedestrians, but nowhere in the June 3 Metro article “First full overhaul of major crossing” was there any mention of improving the appearance of what is without doubt the ugliest of all the bridges connecting D.C. to Arlington.

Even if the rusted steel spans were sanded down and repainted, the bridge would stand out as purely utilitarian, simply a way to get from A to B, with no appreciation for how it pales in comparison with its neighbors to the south and north: Memorial Bridge and Key Bridge. Did the National Capital Planning Commission even consider aesthetics? And if not, why not?

Thomas Calhoun, Washington