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Opinion Lawmakers should be made to see the results of gun violence

Layla Salazar was among the 19 children killed in the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Tex. (Dario Lopez-Mills/AP)
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Regarding the June 6 Style article “Back at the beginning — again, and again, and again”:

Like so many people, I am having great difficulty absorbing the fact that so many lawmakers are putting their personal ambitions above their pledge to serve when it comes to voting for reasonable gun laws. These lawmakers should be required to study unedited photographs of the victims and see the extensive damage that was inflicted on their bodies. Possibly, these images would explain to them why the weapons should be banned. They could then describe to their constituents what these photos showed them in explaining their decision to support strong gun laws. Given that many of the Uvalde, Tex., victims had to be identified using DNA, the damage must have been massive and horrifying. The images of their slaughtered friends and teachers that the surviving children witnessed must be traumatic, and they will be carrying them for the rest of their lives.

Annette Bowen, Bethesda