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Opinion Families are using, not abusing, the child tax credit

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Regarding the June 21 editorial “Denying a lifeline to the poor”:

Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) is reportedly concerned that families living at the poverty level are taking advantage of the child tax credit to buy, among other things, drugs.

If Mr. Manchin took a moment to look more deeply at his own state, he would see what our charity sees. Our charity has offered money to children who can’t afford prom tickets, would love to go to summer camp, need a pair of glasses or would just like new clothes.

The parents of these children are not looking to take advantage of our charity; the requests we receive to help a child come only from their teachers or social workers.

The items we pay for might not be considered “essential,” but they provide normalcy and, yes, fun. It’s easy to stigmatize the poor and suggest they are gaming the system, but, in our experience, these parents merely want to give their children a chance and lift their spirits.

Ron Fitzsimmons, Alexandria

The writer is executive director of the charity Alice’s Kids.