Men try to clear the debris at the site of a missile strike attack hit an outdoor market and shops in the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk on July 3. Six people were reported killed and 15 injured in numerous attacks. (Heidi Levine for The Washington Post). (Heidi Levine/FTWP)

Again, Russia has viciously attacked a nonmilitary target in Ukraine, this time, a high-rise apartment building and a recreation center. After reading the July 3 front-page article “U.S.-supplied weapons system changes the calculus on front lines,” I don’t know whether the terms of the transfer of the huge amount of military equipment provided by Western allies restrict its usage to internal protection only, or whether Ukraine can retaliate against the attacks in an appropriate way.

The location of missile attacks can be accurately computed using a back azimuth calculation. This point of origin could be a military equipment stockpile, a fuel dump, or an ammunition storage facility within Russia or Belarus. If this would be crossing a proverbial line that might incite the use of more serious weapons, it is time to push back. The Russians crossed whatever imaginary line there was on Feb. 24 when they attacked Ukraine for no reason.

Are the Western allies waiting for thousands more to die or for cities to be completely annihilated?

Marc Collard, Lewes, Del.