Displaced people wait for water distribution near the town of Dubti, Ethiopia, on June 7. (Eduardo Soteras/AFP via Getty Images)

As the world is focused on Ukraine, a genocide is taking place in Ethiopia. Mass killings targeting ethnic Amharas have been taking place since the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power four years ago. In the past few weeks alone, hundreds of innocent civilians, many of them women and children, were killed in Wollega, a region in Oromia, where the massacres have become alarmingly despicable and frequent.

The government’s failure to protect its citizens makes the tragic situation more horrendous. Because of the recurring threats and attacks on civilians, the number of displaced people is staggering. Thousands of displaced families continue to suffer under brutal circumstances. Moreover, and sadly, those who are committing the massive crimes have not been brought to justice. These catastrophes could have been prevented if the Ethiopian government were determined to stop those who are terrorizing communities. Mr. Abiy and officials at the federal and regional levels, including leadership of the security forces, should be held accountable for the thousands of lives lost in the past four years.

The people of Ethiopia want a government that can ensure the rule of law and protect basic human rights. The world needs to be aware of and condemn this genocide in Ethiopia. The victims and their families deserve justice.

Tewodros Abebe, Accokeek