U.S. Border Patrol agents process migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border on June 24, in Yuma, Ariz. (Eric Thayer for The Washington Post)

Regarding “Months of sending migrant buses to D.C. is a cruel, political stunt,” Petula Dvorak’s July 15 Metro column about the terrible situation that illegal immigrants are enduring in D.C. once they arrive on buses from Texas and Arizona:

The situation of those illegal immigrants is exactly the same situation of the illegal immigrants who remained in Texas. The only difference is that we, who do not live in a border state, are now getting a taste of what the Americans who live in border states have been experiencing for a year: the scramble to help these people, the scramble to find shelter for them, to feed and clothe them, to find work for them, and then the cost of it all.

The cruel, political stunt is not the bus ride to D.C. but the fact that our government is allowing all these people who have crossed illegally into the United States to believe they will be taken care of. That is the ugliness of our border. Most of these people will not find the work they want or the safety they believe the United States will provide. They will live in the shadows and, with our economy heading downward, the work they want won’t be there for them.

What the Biden administrationis doing is not kind or compassionate but uncaring and heartless.

Marie Miller, Centreville