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Opinion What Trump gets wrong about the economy

Former president Donald Trump outside Trump Tower in New York on Aug. 10. (David Dee Delgado/Reuters)

Former president Donald Trump is now falsely claiming that the economy has been collapsing [“Assessing the declarations and claims in Trump’s new campaign-style video,” Fact Checker, Aug. 14]. However, in terms of employment alone, all the jobs lost during the economic debacle that occurred under Mr. Trump have been recovered.

Before Mr. Trump begins to allege that Hispanics never had a better job situation than under him, as of July 2022, the number of Hispanics employed in the country under President Biden has reached its highest level ever, about 30 million.

At 3.9 percent, Hispanic unemployment is also at its lowest level ever. Hispanics continue to fuel job growth because of their substantially higher rate of labor-force participation. Overall, their employment and entrepreneurship endeavors have enabled many otherwise decaying economic localities across the country to grow sustainably and thrive.

Alejandro Becerra, Silver Spring