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Opinion Let’s build women up


Reading the Sept. 6 Economy & Business article “These single women say they face a workplace penalty, too” as a female high school student made me lose hope in my future. Is it not enough that unmarried pregnant women are shunned in the workplace but they are even discriminated against when they are not in a relationship?

Even now, I can already see the signs. At my high school, which requires a test-based application, my class is majority male. Specifically, in my Advanced Placement physics class, one of the most difficult courses offered, only four of 28 students are female. Additionally, the class council, our student government, is all male. These statistics are not a coincidence: According to a 2019 study by Christine L. Exley and Judd B. Kessler, women are less likely to “self-promote” themselves than men, even when they are just as successful. This belief that they are not qualified might be what prevented my female classmates from taking AP Physics or running for class council.

We not only need to prevent gender-based discrimination, we also have to build women up so they know they are enough.

Dora Bowen-Glazeroff, Arlington