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Opinion The coronavirus proves that disease is a global threat

Passengers wearing face masks wait Sept. 8 at a bus stop in Manila. (Aaron Favila/AP)

I commend two recent editorials on the coronavirus pandemic and what should be done going forward, “The coming storm” [Aug. 28] and “Beyond the virus” [Sept. 11].

If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it is that the globalization of illness is a fact. Therefore, a third editorial should focus on the need for the globalization of efforts to maintain public health. Many believe that this critical necessity should include a significant expansion and revitalization of the World Health Organization with hubs worldwide, on all inhabited continents, coordinating with our own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and similar organizations and employing the most effective analysis and prevention that science and hard work can provide.

I recently read in the Stanford alumni magazine that the annual budget for the World Health Organization is less than the annual budget for Stanford Hospital. This is indefensible. The security and health of our nation’s population depend on the health of the world’s population. And all families and communities on Earth deserve to benefit from the outstanding current advances achieved by the health sciences and health industries.

Chuck Kleymeyer, Arlington