Opinion The best Michael de Adder cartoons of 2022

Editorial cartoonist Michael de Adder drew his takes on all of 2022′s biggest stories. Here are his favorites.

Jan. 21: CSI: Mar-a-Lago

Feb. 25: A case for history

April 14: Hostile takeover

April 19: Toxic emasculinity

April 21: ‘Miserable, darling, as usual’

May 26: Morning in America

May 31: Republican trauma expert

June 26: The first domino

Aug. 11: A delicate balance

Aug. 30: Game, set, match

Sept. 8: The end of an era

Oct. 6: Woman, life, freedom

Oct. 20: The lifespan of a political career

Nov. 3: ‘I think I’ve done well’

Nov. 10: Thank you for serving

Nov. 11: Drowning their sorrows

Nov. 17: For everything there is a season