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Opinion Florida demands revisions of woke AP calculus, chemistry curriculums

Woke ideologies have penetrated every single AP offering. (Marta Lavandier/AP)
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As we in Florida celebrate Month (what other states call Black History Month), it has come to our attention that woke ideologies have penetrated not just the African American Studies AP course framework but also every other Advanced Placement class.

We were heartened that the College Board updated its curriculum for the African American Studies course for what it claimed were unrelated reasons after we raised objections to the inclusion of Black queer topics and works from thinkers such as bell hooks and Angela Davis. It was so nice that their unrelated edits coincided with our specific complaints; we feel like we’ve won, even if they insist that is not what happened.

But we cannot stop here. These same woke ideologies have penetrated every single AP offering. We would like to see the following changes made to these additional courses as soon as possible.

AP European History: Lots of talk about “allies” and “allyship.” Seems unnecessary in a history course. Mentions allies (including communists) working together to defeat Nazis — this, again, feels needlessly political. Describes book burnings as definitively negative. References to France, the French.

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AP Human Geography: Existence of Ukraine as a sovereign nation presented as fact. Teach the controversy, please!

AP Chemistry: Students are urged to call some things “basic” as a judgment — this must stop. Instead, say that a chemical compound “enjoys Starbucks” or “favors the music of Taylor Swift.” Stop students from titrating; this is not something they should be doing at school. Singling out some gases as “noble” because they are “less volatile” has the potential to hurt feelings and should be stopped. Okay to study DNA but not mRNA.

AP Calculus: Omit positive references to integration and change.

AP Art History: Filth! Put fig leaves on all those statues, and then we can reevaluate.

AP Comparative Government and Politics: Description of voting as an unalloyed good is misleading.

AP Physics: “Resistance” and “resistors” have no place in a science course.

AP U.S. History: Mentions events from the American past.

AP Statistics: This whole course seems engineered to make anti-vaxxers feel “wrong” and “lesser.” Need to stress that there is more than one correct way to interpret statistics.

AP Latin: Every word of this seems obscene. “Cum gladiis et fustibus”? “Homo bulla™? “Dix”? These are the same people who gave us all those nude statues, and it shows.

AP English Literature: Includes books. We can’t stand books.

AP Biology: No objections, but see attached 15-page complaint from Texas.